Big Purr Music is Moving!

Big Purr Music is Moving!

Virtually moving, that is...  Big Purr Music is boycotting the web hosting company GoDaddy, and we are encouraging others to do the same.  We have been using GoDaddy as our web server and email provider since we first started our company. We’ve only recently discovered the inhumane and unethical practices displayed by GoDaddy’s former CEO, its largest shareholder and founder, Bob Parsons.

Mr. Parsons engages in wildlife trophy hunting all over the world.  His attitude toward killing wildlife as “trophies,” including those on the endangered species list, is reprehensible.  He displays a cruel disregard for animals by his bloodthirsty practice of hunting them for “sport.”  Clearly, as advocates for the protection of wildlife, Big Purr Music can no longer be affiliated with this company.

In addition, Mr. Parsons has voiced his enthusiastic support for Donald Trump.  We have no interest in increasing the revenues of any individual or organization who subscribes to the racist, bigoted, misogynistic, fascist world view held by Mr. Trump. 

Big Purr Music regrets having given GoDaddy one penny of our hard-earned money over the past five years.  Certainly, had we known about Bob Parsons earlier, we would never have done business with this company.

We are moving our website to InMotion Hosting, an organization that not only provides the web services we need, but also engages in ethical business practices.  For example, InMotion utilizes “green data centers” which reduce carbon emissions here in the US, and partners with Trees for the Future, a global organization that plants trees to offset drought, provides sustainable resources for communities and animals, and combats soil erosion in developing countries around the world.  

There will be no disruption of our website and no changes to Big Purr Music’s email address for you to contact us.

We encourage you to make your own voice heard by boycotting GoDaddy and sharing this email with your friends and colleagues.  

Thanks for listening.

Susie Fitzgerald, CEO
Stephen Cinocco, CFO
Photo Credit: Dana McGrath Photography
Album Cover Photo Credit:
Randy Brown Photography
  Susie Fitzgerald
Big Purr Music, LLC
P O Box 11070
Denver, CO 80211

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