New Songs for Spring

New Songs for Spring
New Album - RestlessDear Friends:

The month of March can be a mischievous jester.  It may bring a foot of snow, it may rain buckets, it may blow mistral winds that mess up our hair and mock our good nature.  Hang on!  Spring IS on the horizon! 

Here are a couple of songs from my new album Restless to accompany this capricious month.

The Hardest March
A lot of my songs have double meanings and I love writing about the weather as an allegory.  The month of March can be really awful—it's cold and blustery and grey, and you're just so ready for Spring to come.  The Hardest March is also about that transition time between the ending of a relationship and the beginning of a new chapter.  That rather bleak space in-between can be kind of tough.
Hill Baker on percussion and Kyle Zender on electric guitar and bass were really brilliant in creating a mood, along with cool harmonies by Chris Woods and Thom Flora.  I love the texture and the stormy atmosphere of the song.

Listen to "The Hardest March" on SoundCloud or download it from iTunes.

I Love Birds!  I became a Birder a few years ago, and that decision changed my life for the better.  It's thrilling to see them in Nature—birds have always been there, but I never really noticed them until recently.  Western Meadowlarks are one of my favorite birds because their lovely birdsong heralds in the arrival of Springtime.  When Meadowlarks sing, they puff out their chests, open their beaks, and courageously belt out their beautiful song.

That's me on the acoustic guitar, with Kyle Zender adding charming lead acoustic guitar, and Hill Baker on the Cajon and the Udu—an African clay percussion instrument—and the ingenious shaker sound created with Hill's bare hands—love it!  AND THE BIRD GETS A SOLO!  Western Meadowlark birdsong courtesy of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Listen to "Meadowlark" on SoundCloud or download it from iTunes.

"Restless" is spinning around the globe!

Sincere thanks to the radio stations who added my songs to their playlists. Now over 80 stations worldwide!  (The complete list is here.)

Order the CD here or download it from iTunes.
“You know you are special and the words, lyrics and composition of the songs you create are worth hearing and are reaching people who really understand, buy and appreciate music... Keep those songs coming and Best Wishes on your career success.”
—Lois Johnson, KAOS, Olympia, WA
“I loved the album first time I listened to it... I'll certainly be playing more tracks from it over the coming shows...this is one of those albums that is too good just to play one song from.”
—John Godfrey, The Troubadour Show, The Penguin Rocks, UK/US
“It's a delightful collection of songs and your early musical influences have enabled you to become a very versatile songwriter. I hope the album is hugely successful.”
—David Callister, Manx Radio, Isle of Man
“The only problem with Susie Fitzgerald's impressive debut album Plenty was that it was not nearly enough. Now the Denver singer-songwriter is back with Restless, an assured, contemplative collection that cements her place as an American treasure. Think of Roseanne Cash, Suzanne Vega and Beth Orton — Susie Fitzgerald both reminds us of these artists and yet has her own distinct sound, style, and stories to tell.

Her smooth, soulful alto voice, guitar, and minimal percussion are enough to propel these original songs along. Fitzgerald has a commanding sense of country and folk, but Restless also takes her into blues and rock. It makes for a magnetic, pleasing combination. "Rattlesnake" romps along while "The Hardest March" is a moody reflection on love gone wrong. The irony filled "I Am a Muse (Tell No One)" captures heartache and layers of human drama.

All in all, it's a seductive, captivating performance. If you don't have Susie Fitzgerald on your playlist, you're missing one of the best.”
—Jon Talton, Author of the David Mapstone Mysteries, the Cincinnati Casebooks
and the thriller Deadline Man

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