New Photos and Video!

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New Photos and Video!
Oh long days of summer, how I hate to see you go. . . .

But before you go, sweet summer, let’s take a moment to reflect before we ease into autumn, shall we?

Here’s how my summer stacked up, along with a plethora of educational and entertaining links to explore.  Enjoy!

Frets & Refrains Music Masters Camp with Richard Thompson

“I Love Camp!”  ...Is there anything more exhilarating than trundling off to summer camp?  I am still bubbling with joy from my week-long musical immersion.  In July, I joined 100 fellow musician-campers at Frets & Refrains—the acoustic guitar and songwriting camp led by the incomparable Richard Thompson.

Located at the picturesque Full Moon Resort Music Masters Camp in the Catskills, New York, it was a week of rigorous and inspiring workshops, including guitar and songwriting sessions led by Richard and the superbly talented Teddy Thompson, guitar techniques with Martin Simpson and Happy Traum, AND the most uplifting voice lessons on the planet with the ebullient and gifted singer and songwriter Sloan Wainwright.


When I asked for a little help with one of the riffs from class, Richard said, “Oh, here, give me your guitar, it’s very easy.”

Um . . . sure thing, RT . . . easy is a very relative term.
  Photo Credit Annaliese Moyer

Great food, gorgeous surroundings, friendly camaraderie and late-night jam sessions that lasted into the wee hours . . .  Culminating in a sold-out concert with RT and the spectacular Frets & Refrains faculty at the Bearsville Theatre in Woodstock.  The entire week was truly heavenly. I love camp!

New Video!  "Devil Dog"
Like the elusive Yeti sighting, witnessing me performing in public is a rare finding indeed.  I’m much more comfortable twinkling in the background writing.  Be that as it may, I was swept up in the zeitgeist of Frets & Refrains and played the Open Stage.

Thanks to Lauren Page-Lake for capturing this moment on film, and thanks to my fellow campers (very talented musicians themselves!!) for their buoyant encouragement.

A special shout out and sincere thanks to photographer Annaliese Moyer for these fab photos!

On a sweltering hot summer night at the Full Moon Roadhouse, here is a YouTube video of a new song I’ve been working on, entitled “Devil Dog.”

Plenty Around the World
My album has done a bit of traveling over the summer, too!  Plenty has been added to the music libraries and playlists of over 80 radio stations across the US, and in 14 countries around the world!  Click HERE for a sample list of radio stations, and do give them your support for keeping independent radio alive and vibrant!

Thank You to these stations who added Plenty to their playlists in July & August:
WMNF   Tampa, FL   Mount Barker Country   Gledhow, Australia
WZBC   Chestnut Hills, MA   Radio EMS Wechte Welle   Lingen, Germany
WSCS   New London, NH   Manx Radio   Isle of Man, UK
WBGU   Bowling Green, OH

Coming Up on the Horizon
The 11th Annual Americana Music Festival & Conference will take place September 12-15 in Nashville.  This year, the 1200 conference attendees will be treated to a free download card of Plenty in their goodie bags!  

On September 12th, The Americana Honors & Awards Show, described by Paste Magazine as “the best awards show in the world,” will honor Bonnie Raitt, Booker T. Jones, Richard Thompson and many more.  Performers and Presenters include John Hiatt, Alabama Shakes, Brandi Carlile, The Civil Wars, Jakob Dylan, Guy Clark, and The Mavericks.

Hosted by Jim Lauderdale with Buddy Miller and the All Star Band, the critically acclaimed show will also remember the legendary Americana trailblazer, Levon Helm, with a special all-star tribute.  The Americana Honors & Awards Show will be broadcast on Austin City Limits on November 10th.
So, farewell summer, you’ve been glorious!  Hello autumn. . . .
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