Turn Your Radio On!

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Turn Your Radio On!

Susie Fitzgerald's album Plenty is hitting the airwaves!

Susie's album is now in the hands (and ears) of independent radio programmers across the USA. Beginning today, TUNE IN to one of the fine non-commercial radio stations in your area featuring Americana, Folk, and Bluegrass music. If you are the first person to hear one of Susie's songs played on the radio, Big Purr Music will send you a FREE BOTTLE OF CHAMPAGNE to celebrate!*

Click on a location below to find a radio station near you—either on your stereo or streaming online—or Click HERE for a list of stations.

A special thanks to Crystal Ann Lea and the team at M:M Music for their help and expertise on the radio promotion. Voted 2011 Independent Promotion Company of the Year by Radio Stations and Record Labels, M:M Music's clients include Adele, Andrew Bird, The Black Keys, Bonnie Raitt, The Civil Wars, The Decemberists, Elvis Costello, Norah Jones, and many more!

Thanks also to AirPlay Direct and No Depression (The Roots Music Authority) for featuring Plenty. Check out their websites to explore new music and music news.
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Thanks for listening.
* Reply to this e-mail with the radio station, date and and time played. If yours is the first one, you'll get a bottle of champagne! You must be at least 21 years old.
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