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Susie Fitzgerald’s second album, Restless, travels across the American musical landscape from rootsy acoustic Folk and Alt-Country to vintage Rock riffs with a bit of jazzy Swing measured into the vibe. 

Restless takes the listener on a lyrical road trip, exploring relationships of all kinds along the way.  Lovers, friends, enemies, “frenemies,” and The Self are regarded from the artist’s seasoned point of view—grown-up, wised-up, a little sassy, razor-sharp yet soft-hearted, and always, eternally hopeful. 

The album features Susie on lead vocals and acoustic guitar; with stellar grooves provided by Kyle Zender on lead guitar and bass, and Hill Baker on percussion. With special guests John Macy, Pedal Steel; Phil Norman, Cello; Chris Speasmaker, Keyboards; and background vocals by Thom Flora and Chris Woods. 

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Here are a few early reviews of Restless...

“Those who enter on this varied, atmospheric musical road trip will not be at all disappointed by these twelve song jewels. On the contrary, it is a terrific album, one that will certainly bring pleasure through the rest of the year. A really beautiful song collection that you should absolutely listen to.”
—Max W. Achatz, Country Jukebox, Munich, Germany

“What a delightful album!  I found Susie by coincidence on the Internet and I was interested from the first listen to one of her songs.  Her lovely clear voice and sound indeed make me think of Neko Case, with a bit of Eliza Gilkyson and Shawn Colvin.  The lyrics are so smart!  Also, the varied songs are beautifully arranged and played.  A nice extra: Susie loves birds (her "Meadowlark" song is my favorite!) and wild animals, like wolves and tigers.  What a very pleasant meeting through music!”
—Johanna J. Bodde,, Germany

“With a successful debut release already under her belt, Fitzgerald is pressing her signature brand of Americana forward with her sophomore effort, Restless. Possessed of the artist's smooth vocal delivery and warm musicianship, the record finds Fitzgerald blazing a bright path. With rich musical arrangements and the artist's warm vocals, this sophomore effort takes Fitzgerald one more step along her journey in the world of music and listeners will find plenty to celebrate here.”
—Andrew Greenhalgh

“Susie Fitzgerald's 2015 sophomore release, Restless, sees her continuing her brand of Americana/country tunes with rock and pop elements, while also injecting some jazz into the mix.  Her songwriting and the team of musicians who back her are more than up for the task of juggling these genres and bringing out the best elements of them into the music.”
—Heath Andrews

“She may sound gentle as a dove, but she's also quite smart… songs written by someone with full command of the English language and a vast repertoire of musical styles at her disposal... The result here is a quality album from a quality performer.”
—Dan MacIntosh

“You know you are special and the words, lyrics and composition of the songs you create are worth hearing and are reaching people who really understand, buy and appreciate music... Keep those songs coming and Best Wishes on your career success.”
—Lois Johnson, KAOS, Olympia, WA

“I loved the album first time I listened to it... I'll certainly be playing more tracks from it over the coming shows...this is one of those albums that is too good just to play one song from.”
—John Godfrey, The Troubadour Show, The Penguin Rocks, UK/US

“The only problem with Susie Fitzgerald's impressive debut album Plenty was that it was not nearly enough. Now the Denver singer-songwriter is back with Restless, an assured, contemplative collection that cements her place as an American treasure. Think of Roseanne Cash, Suzanne Vega and Beth Orton — Susie Fitzgerald both reminds us of these artists and yet has her own distinct sound, style, and stories to tell.

Her smooth, soulful alto voice, guitar, and minimal percussion are enough to propel these original songs along. Fitzgerald has a commanding sense of country and folk, but Restless also takes her into blues and rock. It makes for a magnetic, pleasing combination. "Rattlesnake" romps along while "The Hardest March" is a moody reflection on love gone wrong. The irony filled "I Am a Muse (Tell No One) captures heartache and layers of human drama.

All in all, it's a seductive, captivating performance. If you don't have Susie Fitzgerald on your playlist, you're missing one of the best.”
—Jon Talton, Author of the David Mapstone Mysteries, the Cincinnati Casebooks
and the thriller Deadline Man

“It's a delightful collection of songs and your early musical influences have enabled you to become a very versatile songwriter. I hope the album is hugely successful.”
—David Callister, Manx Radio, Isle of Man

Susie Fitzgerald has filled the lyric sheets with raw emotion on her latest effort Restless. A little bit country, a little bit folk, a little bit pop, this singer/songwriter speaks from the soul and has put to music many thoughts that people never get the opportunity (or guts) to say out loud in regards to friendships, relationships, and life in general. Her style is the emo of folk music. The strongest song is the leading track, “The Hardest March,” which paints a dark picture of an even darker story—a theme commonly employed by Fitzgerald throughout the album.”
—Tim Wenger, Colorado Music Buzz